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Under the umbrella of chiropractic services we offer, as expected spinal adjustments. We also have available nutrition consultation, shoe orthotics to assist with foot support and function of the lower extremity and decreased stress of the spine with gait. Dr. Mosher also has available electric stimulation, ultrasound, acupuncture, and ice for comfort measures. Dr. Mosher is also capable of performing limited X-Rays with our new state of the art digitization processing, which decreases the amount of radiation required for the images, while offering very crisp and clean views of the bony anatomy. So, if X-Rays are required, we won't need to send you to the hospital to wait in the cold waiting rooms. We can do that here.

Our Primary concern is the relationship between the impaired movements of the spinal vertebrae and the nervous system, and the effect they have on health. Principle treatment is joint adjustment or manipulation supplemented by a wide range of physical therapy.